Yet more updates from Worcester FC

30/01/2014 15:38

Following furthur discoveries of old 1930s letters by some ex-Berwick Rangers and Worcester Rovers players including newspaper reports at their deaths, we can now confirm that the Barbourne Athletic ground subsequently had the Collins factory built on the pitch at Sabrina Ave. Whilst searching maps for al location on the Bromyard Road where Berwick Rgs played for one season, I discovered an old cricket ground-still there today-and the fact that in 1913 a shoe manufacturer built a large factory next to it. The shoe company was the J.Willis Co and the works were called the Cindarella works. Thus, this cricket ground must have been the elusive Cindarella Ground. Rangers are said to have played on a field at the side of this ground-which means that the Audi car sales place is now that old field. However, I find it hard to beleive that Rangers wouldnt have used the Cindarella ground at some point, as it was in fact one of the original homes for Worcestershire C.C, and in 1868, W.C.C v Australia took place here, with W.G.Grace in attendance ! This mirrors the same as  when Grace's Australia C.C played Salters on the SaltersField ground in West Brom (see book). Worcester has proven to be a nightmare in terms of confirming where all the grounds were (about 8 of them!). Latest to be confirmed is the Militia Ground adjacent to a large Georgian house by Severn Terrace.