28/07/2016 20:38

1. Direct from the author at the address given on the homepage (preferable)

2. Waterstones (Walsall) but most books are on their system so quote the ISBN number

3. Amazon UK  (but they take 30% !)

4. www.blackcountryresearch.bigcartel.com if you prefer to use my PayPal facility and save me paying a trade discount

5. www.blackhillbooks.com in Shropshire

6. Southcart Books, Walsall

7. e-Bay : there are several listings for Lost Teams Of The Midlands from bookshops in France, UK, USA, Australia etc


Retail prices-


Lost Teams series  all at £16-99/ any 2 for £30/ any 3 for £45. N.B. Lost Teams Of The South won't be published until November 2017.

Birth Of The Saddlers  £12-99

History Of the Bloxwich Strollers £5-99

History Of Darlaston All Saints FC  £4-99

History Of Short Heath United  £4-99