The Pickwick Ground,Birmingham

04/02/2014 21:17

Originally I thought that the park in St.Pauls Road, Balsall Heath was the site of the old Pickwick cricket ground as used by several cricket and football clubs such as Havelock FC (later to switch codes and become the famous Moseley RFC) and Small Heath Alliance, as I am sure that the Pickwick Ground is the only place along or near Ladywood Road which fits the description of a fenced in ground where they could charge an admission. Sure, there were fields all along Ladypool Road pre-1890, but none of them were properly set up as this ground was. Todays Oldfield Road was originally called Henry Street, and was the lane which led only to the Pickwick Ground. There are far more streets in the immediate area compared to the 1880s which makes comparisons to old maps difficult, but I do know that the Grounds extended right up to the railway line. If you intend to do a site visit, well I did so almost every day when I was an Environmental Manager for the council, and dont recommend it as this location is grim and dubious to put it politely. Ive put up a Google air map on the first set of photos with the cricket ground highlighted.