Spital /Chesterfield FC

06/09/2014 22:39

These two Chesterfield clubs have confused and bewildered football historians for some time. Many held a suspicion that Spital became Chesterfield, but there was also a Chesterfield Town at around the same time to confuse matters. Dave Twydell now has found evidence that Spital and Chesterfield were seperate clubs,and that Spital folded without morphing into anything else. Spital were members of the 'New Association' which became the Hallam FA, whilst Chesterfield joined the Sheffield FA. Spital's headquarters at one time were the Horns Inn on Lordsmill Street,Spital. For at least one season, they wore an amazing kit the colours of which resembled the Union Jack flag! I have seen this photo somewhere, and indeed not only the shirts, but the shorts also were 'Union Jack'!

If I find this photo again, I will put it up on the site.On at least two occasions, Spital thumped well know teams by 10-0. I dont know if this is because they were fearsome on their own ground, due to some strange peculiarity (big slope, cinder pitch, open coalface surface??) although the two visiting sides in question sent weak elevens on account of the long travelling involved from the Birmingham area in the 1870s,but I do know they beat a fledgling Sheffield Wednesday on more than one occasion.