Small Heath's Muntz Street ground

08/08/2014 17:17

Got it wrong bigtime in the book; ive put the ground on the opposite side of the street to where it actually was; bet theres a few BlueNoses whove picked up on this! The exact site of the ground was between Muntz St and Charles Rd; one corner of it came up to the rear of the school on Somerville Road. Swanage Road was basically built through the middle of the ground, as both ends of Swanage Rd were the main 2 entrances into the ground in the 1880s. If you look on Google Earth, theres a diagonal channel running at the back of gardens in the cul de sac part of Wright Street. This was a boundary of the ground. Ive calculated that the famous grandstand-the one Blues bought off the Villa from their Wellington Road ground-would have been at the back of Wright Street Autos, by the two big old trees.