Rushall Rovers ground update

30/03/2014 21:49

Following communications with Rushall Hall and QMS grammar school historians, I am now close to 'nailing' the exact field used by Rovers from 1875-1895 (by which time they were a bicycle club !)

Having re-read many more match reports from 1877-79, I gleaned some usefull snippets of info which helped me to eliminate the 5 acre field directly behind Rushall Hall (where they had their photo taken) and raise the 11 acre field still there today between Harpur Close and Cartbridge railway bridge.

I learned that the ground 'was right by the main road' and was large enough for a large travelling circus containing dozens of zoo animals including ten elephants, which pitched on it in 1878. I also learned that the field had 2 gates. This is all pointing to the 11 acre field at the moment (which seemed at first too big, as a football pitch is less than 2 acres), but I will keep you posted as I find any new stuff.