Rudge FC (Coventry)

31/12/2013 14:43

After being told that their ground was at Stoney Stanton, a village north-east of Coventry, I spent a long time scouring maps of the area to no avail. I then searched the road out from Coventry to Stoney Stanton, and I found my clue- the Red House Inn, being the name of the ground. It was just a 4 acre field directly north of the pub in the next field at 1887, but O.S.maps of the 1890s clearly show the football ground as being within that field. The ground continued to be shown on maps right up until the 1950s when it became a cricket ground, and then by 1970, the Red House park. The actual pitch site is now occupied by one of two large blocks of low rise flats, but looking down Cronwell Street-the accessway into the ground-the old wall on the left hand side looks as if it could be the original one. No doubt that the Red House Inn was used as a HQ ! Not being a Coventry resident, someone can tell me the name of the huge car factory just below the old ground. I guess the factory used to be Rudges Bicycle works. The pub was gone by 1945, so probably was bombed in the blitz. The car factory also had a large 10 acre sports field a few hundred yards to the east of the football ground, which is now built over by dwellings. Their other ground the somtimes used was the Coventry cricket ground.