New book- 'Birth of the Saddlers'

02/10/2013 19:44

During the six months at which 'Lost Teams' was at the publishing house in the States, Ive been very active writing the follow-up book in conjunction with renowned Walsall FC expert Kevin Powell, and guidance from multi-book author Steve Carr.


Its the detailed story of the first 25 years of the Walsall FC from 1873 to the end of Queen Victoria's reign in 1901 where the story comes to a natural end, as Walsall FC had just lost their place in the Football League (until 1921). The story is extensively researched by both Kevin and myslef, and utilises Kevin's vast database of the Walsall club in the 1880s. No other book were consulted or even refered to as we found that they were all unreliable to the extent of being untrustworthy. Every book we looked at showed photos of 'Walsall Town' when it wasn't, 'Walsall Swifts' when it wasn't,.....and many players' names were erroneous, or even made up !

Kevin Powell worked on the Tony Mathews book 'The History of Walsall FC' 1999, and knows just how many errors that book contains. Here, as we only use source material, we hope to make the most accurate portrayal of Walsall FC's early years. The book has many funny stories, and we have unearthed several scandals and sad events in the players' private lives too. Author Mike Bradbury has become the first person to actually find the 'lost' ground of Walsall Swifts both on Follyhouse Lane and Birmingham Road, and has also unearthed a previously unpublished and rare 1879 photo of Walsall Swifts, taken only 48 months after they were formed. Embraced into the story are all the little teams in an around Walsall that make up the background to the story of the Birth Of The Saddlers.