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27/07/2015 15:11

Just got back from Cambridge where I 'played' football on Parkers Piece, a 15 acre recreational ground which is owned by Cambridge University. Football has been played on it continuously since about 1848 when the Cambridge Old Etonians football club was founded. Almost every victorian and edwardian team of note has played on it at some time or another, such as The Wanderers, Old Harrovians, Old Etonians, Corinthians, Clapham Rovers etc etc.

In August im embarking on a two day trip to east Lancashire to photograph the sites of the grounds of many extinct clubs' grounds in that county, such as the grounds or present locations of Blackburn Olympic, Darwen, Church, Oswaldtwistle, Turton, Great Lever, Spital, Padiham, Staveley Olympic, and many more. This is for my next book, Lost Teams Of The North which is pretty much written but as I want to get its sister book, Lost Teams Of The South published first, it could be next year before both books are in the shops.