Mitchell St.Georges FC

14/01/2014 17:34

Following a meeting I had with Roy Burford today, I gleaned a few more snippets about this brewery-based top-class team. Long after the , professional team had been disbanded, the brewery team- Mitchells FC- carrried on at a lower level. Around 1948, Mr Butler (director of M&B) added the old Mitchell St.Georges badge on to the team shirts which by then were pale blue with navy sleeves, white shorts. I will upload that badge on to the photo section. Roy also found a couple of photos, mostly matches played in the 1940/50 era at the City Road ground. In the 1949 Deerstalker magazine, Mr Butler said that the team would train on the Cape Hill ground in summer, but on the City Road ground in the winter. The same magazine also stated that the brewery's football team-Mitchellls FC (taken over by Birmingham St.Georges during 1885-1892) started out in 1876. See new uploaded rare photo. Despite the shirts appearing as black with white sleeves, Roy Burford maintains that they were navy with light blue sleeves.