09/06/2016 15:31

Lost Teams Of The to  North -the follow on from LTOT Midlands - was published on 1st June 2016 and is now available from Amazon (with a sale price of £15-99 for the first 20 books sold) or from the author Mike Bradbury who will sign it for you. Send cheque or use PayPal (mbradbury42@yahoo.co.uk) to-

19 Calstock Road, Willenhall, West Midlands WV12 4TG


Description - 310 pages, a further 60 clubs investigated from Leek to Tyneside and includes teams never before written about or researched such as Oswaldtwistle Rovers, Church, Blackburn Park Road, Manchester Association, Northern Nomads, Nottingham Trent, Rotherham County, Spital, Turton, Church, Attercliffe, Witton, Great Lever, Halliwell, Leeds City, Bolton Olympic, Padiham,Belfast Celtic and all 15 Sheffield clubs. For almost every club I list grounds used (and whats there now), colours, team line-ups, committee-men, foundation and folding dates etc, etc, as well as amusing and sad stories and written in a personal style as if the author was talking to the reader directly.


Mike's other books - Lost Teams Of The Midlands and Birth Of The Saddllers are still available from the above address or Amazon and e-Bay (but they take 30% of the retail price which is most of my profit !).


Mike is currently working on three smaller projects on local teams- Bloxwich Strollers, Darlaston All Saints and Short Heath United.