Lancashire & Yorkshire clubs

29/09/2014 19:04

Not strictly falling i the range of 'Midlands' teams, but whilst researching for my second book,the Birth Of The Saddlers, I read dozens of northern newspapers from the 1880s and 1890s, and in doing so, I discovered the names of the grounds for a fair few teams so I thought Id post them up just in case anyone is interested in them.

Team                                                Ground                                                       extra info etc


Sheffield Walkley                    Dykes Hall Road

Sheffield Exchange                Quibells Field near Hyde Park cricket ground       pitch was very uneven-hyde Park became a Drill ground,now gone.

Sheffield Surrey                      Surrey Ground,Queens Road                               at least one football ground on this lane 

Sheffield Wild Myrtle                Norfolk Park                                                        large park used by several small teams

Sheffield Clarence                  Myrtle Road                                                          probably also the Heeley ground

Sheffield Providence              Norfolk Road                                                         next to Shrewsbury Lunatic hospital now houses

Sheffield Heeley                    "off Chesterfield Road"                                           also used Brammall Lane for important games

Owlerton                                 Penistone Road Sheffield

Sheffield Albion                      Abbeydale Road 

Eckington Works                    the Marsh Farm ground

Attercliffe                                Brightside Lane                                                     now the car park of Sheffield Arena

Notts Club                              Consett ground,Queens Walk                               earliest of many grounds used by Notts County,now Notts Council HQ

Darwen Lower Chapel            Knowle Heights meadow

Turton                                     "field in front of Chetwynd Arms"                          this is actually 1.7 miles away in Chapeltown

Witton Star                              Knuzden

Griffin Star                                Primrose Hill ground

Manchester Association         Greenheys                                                           street by that name exists but unable to identify field

Bolton Olympic                        High Street ground                                             this description also fits Great Lever's 2nd ground

Great Lever                              1.Green Lane/Manchester Road                       Woodside ground- now built over by the NORWEB national HQ building

                                                 2. High Street ground                                         used post-1882, either behind the library or became the town park

Burnley FC                              Calder Vale                                                          before Burnden Park

Albion Rovers                           Burnley Lane Rec ground

Rossendale                               Dark Lane

Pyebank                                  Shirecliffe Lane

Beeston (Derbys.)                   Chilwell

Notts Olympic                         Churchville ground                                               field near to the church at Radford.They also used Gregorys Ground1894

Darwen                                   Barley Bank ground                                             long since built over with Hindle,Baron Streets,although street which ran   

                                                                                                                            around perimeter of ground still there=Barlley Bank street

Rugeley Swifts (Staffs)            Sandy Lane                                                        still there,became Lea Hall social club ground

Chasetown Rovers (Staffs)     the Royal Exchange ground

Lichfield Leomansley                Beacon Park ground                                          large main park of the town still extant,used by many teams

Coventry Association                Bull Field                                                           beleived to be fore-runner of Singers/Cov.City

Nottm Forest                                Park-side ground                                            used in 1883 but usually used Gregory Ground at Lenton

Hinley (Leics)                           Holywell ground      

Witton Rangers                        Griffin ground

Blackburn West End                Lamack

Blackburn St.Andrews             Cherry Tree ground

Blackburn Prince Albert            Revidge Lane

Blackburn FA HQ                      Galligreave Street ground                                   used by the Blacbkurn Association representative team

Blackburn Ramblers                  White Birk                                                            also used by Holy Trinity club

Preston Zingari                          Acregate Lane school                                         used for their AGMs so may be venue of their home games

Darwen Rangers                        Tythbarn ground

Renton (Scotland)                      Whiteinch,Glasgow

Sheffield Park Grange               Park Hill Lane

Nottingham Trent                        Meadow Willow ground

Staveley FC                               Staveley works cricket ground                             also used this venue in 1887

Bham Unity Gas                        Green Lane,Bordesley Green                              at 1887

Oldbury Bradwell (Staffs)          Oldbury cricket ground                                         near West Bromwich

1st Warwicks R.V.                    Pickwick cricket ground,off Ladypool Rd              Sparkhill district of Birmingham

Hawthorn Villa                           Hamstead park                                                    Hamstead village between West Bromwich and Walsall

West Brom Christ Church         Oak Road ground                                                 along with Salters,a foundling club for West Brom Albion in 1870s

Wycliffe FC (Bham)                  Edward Road,Edgbaston                                      next to Calthorpe Park near Edgbaston cricket ground

Swarthmoor (Bham)                 Pebble Mill Road,Edgbaston                                Pebble Mill TV studios were built over football grounds