interested in the history of Walsall FC?

09/04/2013 22:06

I do posess 4 'history of Walsall FC' book by various authors. I won't put any one person down,as I'm sure my own book insn't perfect (although it is an honest & determined effort borne out of a genuine love for the topic,and not just a desire to publish a book (I have done others)), but I must say,that 2 of the books go from 1888 to World War 1 in the first few pages,and NONE of them make any attempt to find out just how both Walsall Town and Walsall Victoria Swifts were started. When you buy and read my book (please), you will see that after many months of reasearching all the Walsall papers and living in the Walsall Local History Centre in Essex Street,I have manged to establish how and by whom,the Walsall Town club started out,and got much closer to anyone else in finding the source of Walsall Victoria Swifts in 1874. I can place their origin to within probably 250 yards,and was amazed to find that their HQ (pub) were in the street in which I played as a child. I discover the relationship with Walsall Town and Rushall Rovers,and some Swifts players with an Aston team. So yes,buy the book, the 400 pages will keep you going back to them as a refence book which I hope it becomes.