Excelsior FC (Aston)

05/04/2014 20:04

Thanks to football historian Kevin Powell, I can now reveal from where the Excelsior FC sprang, having previously spent a fruitless two years looking for clues. It was not a factory of the same name as I thought, but in fact they sprang from the Wheeler Street Chapel, which today might be called Newtown. Next time im that way, I'll drive down Wheeler Street (with all the doors firmly locked) and see if the old chapel is still there.

They began by playing on a acorner of Aston park,then got a field at Potters Field (yet to be found) for no rent, then George Kynock set them up in one of his fields on Wellhead Lane, before they moved into the Aston Lower grounds and finally ending up at Fentham Road cricket ground, where they stuffed the Wolves 6-0 on 26th September 1885 in their opening match there.