Derby's Vulcan Ground

23/12/2013 17:08

Thanks to information received from football historian Terrance Fletcher and Derby author Peter Seddon, I now have new and corrected information on this old Derby football ground. It was not as I thought, the original name of the Baseball Ground (a mistake I made because as it was right next to Leys Vulcan Ironworks I assumed it was the Vulcan ground he built for his employees), but in fact a seperate sports ground 600 yards due west, at the junction of Peartree Road and Walbrook Roads. originally two large fields, two blocks north of the Pear Tree House mansion, it occupied the square bounded by Goodale st, Joseph Street, Walbrook and Pear Tree Rd. The ground was a curious shape on account of having tennis courts on the left side in Joseph St, and a path running diagonally into the ground starting at the corner of Joseph/ Walbrook and heading north halfway along Goodale St. This meant that the athletic ground could not be square (with bends on the corners), but a shape I can only describe a 'ladys handbag-shaped'. On the far right of the ground, where now stands Pear Tree library, was the pavilion, and there was another shed-sized structure where now stands the police station on Pear Tree Rd. It was still there in 1901, but around 1905, the stadium was sold off and two roads were put across the middle, nameley Netherclose Street, and Goodale St was lengthened with a 90 degree bend and taken down to meet up with Portland St. Brentwood Villas,Richmond Villas and Leigh Villas being the houses. A row of houses-Shield Villas- were built on the front of the Vulcan Ground on Walbrook Rd. The Vulcan Arms pub, which I had previously visited with Terry, and discounted from the search (!), now turns out to be where the players of Derby Junction (who used it most) and Derby County reserves would use for food+drink after the game. The topography today suggests that the Vulcan ground would have been fairly level on the east side, but with a gentle slope towards Joseph Street. See new photo on site.