Darlaston All Saints update

22/09/2014 22:24

Thanks to the website 'History of Darlaston' via Facebook, I have been given a lead as to where this team's ground was.My search cast a net a circle  only a radius of 500 yards from the James Bridge itself,with the Globe Inn being the nearest pub.The recently demolished Railway Tavern (which only had a restaurant extension buuilt in the 1990s) doesnt seem to have been there until at least 1920.Travel 300 yards left and you are in Fallings Heath district of Darlaston,travel 300 yds right and you would say you were in the Pleck district of Walsall.

Little has changed in this small area in 150 years,save a few Victorian houses demolished  and the James Bridge Copperworks now replaced by the Aqualux factory,and the Mecca Bingo built on derelict land.

History of Darlaston are pointing me in the direction of Cemetary Road,in particular the 'new' part by the small car park; they think they read somewhere that 'a local team' played there before the cemetary expanded (about 1905), This fits in with the time when DAS were active-1880s-and there is room for a football ground on the site, but im still nagged by a description of the DAS ground, which said that the visiting team-Calthorpe FC-'took time to adjust to the percularities of the ground before coming from 0-2 down to win 6-2'. Another report mentions the terrible ground. Now,the topography of the cemetary site is level and flat, so nothing odd there then. Ok,so Calthorpe came out of the Darlaston James Bridge station,crossed the bridge into Cemetary Rd and saw the ground hemmed in by the graveyard and a brook,but apart from that,I see nothing which desctibes the ground as 'terrible' or 'perculiar'.

Those two words would however be used to describe the field behind the Globe P.H, across the Bentley Mill road.At 1888, it was a 4 acre field with a half acre bit fenced off as an old mineshaft. Today,this field is on a plateau some ten feet higher than the pub,possibly from when the canals were dug which surround the field on two sides.