Crosswells (Oldbury) FC

27/12/2013 20:09

Furthur research into this team which began as the Crosswells brewery works side and developed into Oldbury Town reveals that the team moved into a new ground on the Birmingham Road circa 1888/9. This ground is 1500 yards due north of their Langley cricket club ground which they previously shared with the cricket and bowls clubs of Langley. I have now located this enclosed ground which was there until about 1920.

They seem to have broken up towards the end of 1892 but re-formed about 15 months later for the start pf the 1894/5 season at which time they played in the Birmingham League. They them disbanded again at the end of the 1897 year when they finished 15th of 16 teams. There seems to be no record of them until 1927 when they joined the Worcestershire Combination League but once more seem to have finally folded in 1930. Some info courtesy the Football Club History Database.

It was at the right hand side of the where the Birmingham Road crossed the Birmingham canal at Anchor Bridge. The site is now bounded by the Blakely Hall Road right under the M5. It was a 3.2 acre rectangular ground., and was more properly in Oldbury than Langley village. An O.S. map has been added to the website pictures. It shows that no stands were built, and there was but one small changing hut in the bottom left hand corner of the pitch. As yet, no photos of Crosswells have turned up although I do have two early Oldbury FC photos, one showing them in white shirts, the other in possibly chocolate with a blue V on the throat which became popular in the Edwardian era.