Burslem Port Vale

06/09/2014 22:26

Despite my belief that Port Vale had been at Vale Park  for most of the 20th century, I now know that they spent a long portion of the 2oth century in their previous ground, the Hanley Recreation Ground, from 1913 to 1950 in fact. Prior to 1913, they spent the Victorian and Edwardian era at the Cobridge Athletic Ground ,from 1886 until 1913. This is now an industrial estate, but Google Earth still shows the shape of the old ground. From 1884-1886, BPV were living at their Moorland Road ground,and in the beginning,they started out at Longport Meadows from 1880-1884. The 'port' of Longport is thought to have been the source of one section of their name. Again,thanx to Dave Twydell's book, 'Grounds For A Change'.