Birmingham Carriage Works FC (Smethwick)

09/04/2014 18:15

In the 'Lost Teams' book, I had to speculate as to the founding year of this amateur side from the Birmingham League. 1887 was a bit out, possibly by as much as a decade, as I have found them playing in the 1878-79 season, with the even longer name of Birmingham Railway Carriage Works FC !

Their 1879 side was as follows-

R.Done(captain),H.Walters,T.Hughes,J.Hall,W.Hodgkins,W.Deakin, J.Perkins, G.Morris,J.Stanley,S.Gould, W.Sale,T.Sanders

12-a-side, as you can see! the above side easily defeated 'Carlyle FC' 7-1 away on October 18th