New book- 'Birth of the Saddlers'

02/10/2013 19:44
During the six months at which 'Lost Teams' was at the publishing house in the States, Ive been very active writing the follow-up book in conjunction with renowned Walsall FC expert Kevin Powell, and guidance from multi-book author Steve Carr.   Its the detailed story of the first 25 years of...

Impending release of 'Lost Teams of the Midlands'

02/10/2013 19:41
The book has taken longer than anticipated due to the high number (100+) photos which will now go in the book, and the U.S.A. publishers, not too familiar with English Football teams-never mind defunct ones!- were having  location issues . Press releases have gone out, and im expecting a late...

Walsall Swifts

03/05/2013 16:27
Having now discovered the true and exact location of (Walsall) Victoria Swifts' original and beloved Folly-house Lane ground I will be writing a short book on the true history of Walsall FC from the beginnings in 1873 until,one amalgamation and two name changes later,they emerged into the 20th...

Obscure midlands football teams

23/04/2013 18:05
There are over 60 featured in the book "Lost Teams of the Midlands" by Mike Bradbury, published by X-Libris in the USA. Teams such as Rushall Rovers,Smethwick Carriage Works, West Bromwich FC (not WBA),Wednesbury Strollers, Derby St.Lukes,Nottingham Rangers, Old Salopians FC etc etc all have at...

interested in the history of Walsall FC?

09/04/2013 22:06
I do posess 4 'history of Walsall FC' book by various authors. I won't put any one person down,as I'm sure my own book insn't perfect (although it is an honest & determined effort borne out of a genuine love for the topic,and not just a desire to publish a book (I have done others)), but I must...

History of the Birmingham Cup

09/04/2013 21:52
Following on from Steve Carr's excellent reference book,the history of the Birmingham Cup (part one), Steve informs me that he is now underway with his exhaustive research into Part 2- that is,the 20th century section,continuing on from 1905,where Part 1 finishes. Steve expects his research and...

Black Country Research

09/04/2013 19:25
Black Country Research is a small organisation based,as the name suggests,in Walsall,England. We specialise in researching the history of all the football teams who made the history of Association football across the Midlands from the beginnings of organised matches (1860) until the start of World...

Lost Teams of the Midlands

09/04/2013 19:17
This 130,000 word 400 page book will be published by X-Libris Publishing Company,a division of Penguin Books Inc,and the projected launch date is September 2013. More details to follow as they become available. Projected retail price will be around the £15/ $20 mark and will be available...

Visitors notice

19/11/2012 20:19
January 2013   This website is intended to accompany the book " Lost Teams Of The Midlands" by Mike Bradbury. All photographs are copyright to Black Country Research and Mike Bradbury.   Please see over 50 photographs relating to teams and grounds used by 60 defunct football...

Website launched

19/11/2012 20:18
Our new website has been launched today. It will continue to be a work in progress to accompany the book "Lost teams of the Midlands" by Mike Bradbury   More photographs and credits/acknowledgements will continue to be uploaded during 2013  
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