Early Wolves grounds

06/02/2014 19:06
Only because Wton is 15 mins away using the Black Country Route, I had an afternoon in the Goldthorn Hill district today looking for the sites of the grounds of Blakenhall St.Lukes and Goldthorn Hill FC as well as the Wolves' earliest 'grounds' (fields!). First thing I noticed was how steep...

The Pickwick Ground,Birmingham

04/02/2014 21:17
Originally I thought that the park in St.Pauls Road, Balsall Heath was the site of the old Pickwick cricket ground as used by several cricket and football clubs such as Havelock FC (later to switch codes and become the famous Moseley RFC) and Small Heath Alliance, as I am sure that the Pickwick...

Notts County

01/02/2014 15:31
Photos of Notts County's first ground-the Meadows cricket ground on Kirkwhite Street West (now a pathway not far from the railway station) have been uploaded. They wore orange and black hoops at this time (1870).  

Yet more updates from Worcester FC

30/01/2014 15:38
Following furthur discoveries of old 1930s letters by some ex-Berwick Rangers and Worcester Rovers players including newspaper reports at their deaths, we can now confirm that the Barbourne Athletic ground subsequently had the Collins factory built on the pitch at Sabrina Ave. Whilst searching maps...

Lost Teams book featured in Black Country Bugle

14/01/2014 20:01
The BCB did a full page feature of the book on Thursday 22nd December 2013, focussing-naturally-on teams such as Old Hill Wanderers, Cradley St.Lukes,WalsallTown & Swifts, Coombs Wood, Rushall Rovers and Willenhall Pickwick. The Black Country Bugle are on Cradley High Street  where back...

Book sales doing well locally

14/01/2014 17:53
Learned today that all the libraries in Sandwell Borough have purchased hardback copies of "Lost Teams of the Midlands", which is- West Bromwich, Wednesbury, Tipton, and Smethwick libraries.

Berwick Rangers & Worcester Rovers

14/01/2014 17:45
Julian Pugh from Worcester City FC has found some new info on the above two Worcester teams of the 1890s. It seems that the two clubs did not in fact amalgamate; Rangers went bust and two years later Rovers were wound up but re-formed as Worcester City with a new set of players and committee, and...

Mitchell St.Georges FC

14/01/2014 17:34
Following a meeting I had with Roy Burford today, I gleaned a few more snippets about this brewery-based top-class team. Long after the , professional team had been disbanded, the brewery team- Mitchells FC- carrried on at a lower level. Around 1948, Mr Butler (director of M&B) added the old...

Crankhall Lane Ground, Wednesbury

13/01/2014 17:52
Despite scouring O.S.maps for over a year trying to find this football & athletics ground on Wednesbury's Crankhall Lane, I could never seem to put my finger on it. No map from any period names any field as a 'ground' at all along the whole (and considerable ) length of this lane which connects...

Cannock FC's Central Athletic Ground

13/01/2014 17:27
I have now pinpointed this location having previously only known to within 500 yards. Even on an O.S. map of 1917 when it was in regular use, it still wasnt named on the map ! I found a 1913 photo of when a famous early earoplane pilot landed his bi-plane on the football ground which I have now put...
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