Darlaston All Saints FC

02/05/2014 12:15
This Black Country club is my current obsession, and I am trying earnestly to nail where their ground was. I didnt put them in the 'Lost Teams' book, simply because so little is known about them, that I would have been stretched to make even a single page. Apart from some team line-ups from the...


02/05/2014 12:12
John Griffiths, author of The History of Walsall Races, informs me that the school on page 365 of the Lost Teams book was not the Whitehouse J&I but the Whitehall J&I school which faced the old Walsall Town Swifts ground on West Bromwich Road, adding that he himself went to that same school...

Birmingham Carriage Works FC (Smethwick)

09/04/2014 18:15
In the 'Lost Teams' book, I had to speculate as to the founding year of this amateur side from the Birmingham League. 1887 was a bit out, possibly by as much as a decade, as I have found them playing in the 1878-79 season, with the even longer name of Birmingham Railway Carriage Works FC ! Their...

Derby (Town) FC

07/04/2014 14:54
I had been thwarted for over 3 years trying to find the colours of this old amateur team, probably the earliest in Derby. I chanced upon an 1879 match report wherein it stated that as it became dusk, 'spectators could not tell the two teams apart'. This suggests that Derby's opponents-Oswestry...

Excelsior FC (Aston)

05/04/2014 20:04
Thanks to football historian Kevin Powell, I can now reveal from where the Excelsior FC sprang, having previously spent a fruitless two years looking for clues. It was not a factory of the same name as I thought, but in fact they sprang from the Wheeler Street Chapel, which today might be called...

New grounds added

04/04/2014 14:14
Following extensive research (again) I have now listed the football grounds of nearly 100 local teams from the Birmingham andBlack Country areas. More will continue to be added. See the 'Where did they play?' section for details.   ALWAYS PLEASE QUOTE 'LOST TEAMS OF THE MIDLANDS' WHEN USING MY...

Website Successes

30/03/2014 21:59
Delighted to find out that this website has had over 300,000 hits since its launch at the start of 2014 so thank you to everyone out there !

Rushall Rovers ground update

30/03/2014 21:49
Following communications with Rushall Hall and QMS grammar school historians, I am now close to 'nailing' the exact field used by Rovers from 1875-1895 (by which time they were a bicycle club !) Having re-read many more match reports from 1877-79, I gleaned some usefull snippets of info which...

Rushall Rovers FC

11/03/2014 15:51
Following conversations with a fellow Walsall historian, we are now doubtful that Rovers played in what is now Rushall park, at the 'top' end of the village. Certainly Rushall Olympic did in the 1890s, but in the 1875-1881 period, Rushall parish church and Rushall Hall had some fields in front of...

The Swifts FC

09/02/2014 23:25
I know that Slough, Bucks is hardly the Midlands, but I had for some time intended to locate the site of the original & famous (they had 8 England capped players) Swifts team, whose name was copied by others, including my own Walsall Swifts. The other oft copied name being Wanderers, from the...
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