How To Contact a Victorian Football Club

A somewhat tongue-in-cheek page about the contact details of many Midland football clubs in the 1870/1880 period.
I have a list of over a hundred addresses of club secretaries etc, for those of you desperate enough to want to go visit them, or better still, find out that you actually live at one of these addresses ! My own personal 'sad fad' is to unearth/discover/track down these grounds, them drive out and visit the sites to see whats there now.
I claim to have discovered over 60 grounds, and I make no claim on grounds already known by others, or previously published in footy books.
I may actually get around to listing all the club addresses, but for now, here's just a few from 1879-1881 period-
Aston Villa-                    W.Jones    8 Barker Street,Handsworth,Staffordshire (!)
Aston Clifton-                D.J.Downie  77 Ashted Row, Bordesley
Calthorpe-                    James Campbell Orr   Bull Street, Harborne
                                       (his house has a blue plaque)
St.Georges-                  A.Meynick   c/o St.Georges School, Gt.Russell Street, Bham
Walsall White Star-       J.Shaw   99 Stafford Street,Walsall
Walsall Athletic-            J.C.Hart  49 Eldon Street, Walsall
Claremont St.Georges-   C.Field  2 and a half (!) Mott Street,Aston  
Trafalgar FC-                H.Shiner  8 Stour Street, Birmingham
Walsall Florence-           E.C.Allen   6 Mount Street Caldmore Walsall
Excelsior FC-                J.Sprasson    34 Clifford Street, Birmingham
Walsall Town-               G.Bird   26 Orlando Street, Caldmore
Aston Unity-                 S.Durban    100 Villa Street,Aston.