Any more books yet?

Sean Williams | 24/10/2016

Lost Teams Of The North was promised for 2016, is it out yet?

Re: Any more books yet?

Mike Bradbury | 24/10/2016

Yes, published in early September, its another big book, a compendium of histories of another 60 clubs, this time from Lancashire, Derbyshire, Tyne& Wear, Belfast (!) Yorkshire, and includes many teams never before researched or written bout such as Padiham, Oswaldtwistle, Leeds City, Blackburn Park Road, Witton, Astley Bridge, Newcastle East End, Belfast Celtic, Church, Eagley, all the Sheffield teams, Talke Rangers (Stoke) and many more. Price £16 from me or Amazon, but remember that Amazon take a big cut and leave me no profit.

Follow on book ?

Andrew Jakes | 31/05/2015

Hi Mike, are you going to write a follow-on book about the history of defunct clubs from other parts of the country?

Re: Follow on book ?

Mike Bradbury | 31/05/2015

Yes, im working on TWO new books, which will compete the series;Lost Teams of the North, and Lost Teams Of The South. LTON is pretty much researched and written, but it could take until christmas before its published, and I'd say christmas 2016 for LTOTS. As before, I will write about them teams nobody else has written about as I prefer to do my own research from scratch and not use anyone else's.

Good info

Pharmd235 | 01/08/2014

Very nice site!

Re: Good info

mike bradbury | 01/08/2014

Thanx 4 that- its an ongoing lifetimes work !
Hope you bought my book "Lost Teams Of The Midlands", available from Amazon or Waterstones.
This website allows me to do updates and corrections as they are found. Site gets 100,000 hits a month, so I hope Im helping some people.

Good info

Pharmd289 | 28/07/2014

Very nice site!

Good info

Pharmd961 | 25/07/2014

Very nice site!


Smithk330 | 23/07/2014

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new book, Birth of the Saddlers

Mike Bradbury, website owner | 02/03/2014

progress report-
manuscript currently with the editor, chapters 1 and 2 have now been updated with corrections and editors modifications etc. Hoping for a summer publishing date.

next book

Barton Arms group | 10/02/2014

when will the new book be available to buy Mike? Think you said it is called The Birth of the Saddlers

website layout

George Pratt, Rugelely | 30/01/2014

like the new website design, much better !

Re: website layout

Mike Bradbury, website owner | 02/03/2014

thanx George, yes the colours are better and more cheerful !

Re: website layout

mike bradbury | 01/08/2014

Birth of the Saddlers book, the result of several years of research by myslef, Kevin Powell, and Steve Carr will be published before Xmas 2014, price around £12.99

Lost Teams book

Black Country Bugle | 07/01/2014

the small article about the book will now be a full page in next weeks edition

Lost Teams book

Walsall Local History Centre | 07/01/2014

"thoroughly enjoyable book, very well researched..."

Lost Teams book

Lee Gauntlett | 07/01/2014

loving the book,Mike, full of new information even for historians.

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